World Mental Health Day

Last Friday we celebrated World Mental Health Day. It was a fantastic day where we took time to appreciate the important things in life – keeping healthy and happy.

Children in the Resource Base loved a fantastic dance/art lesson involving bubbles in the sun!

Here are some of our favourite pictures.

Thanks for reading,

Tom, Ana and the team!

Clay modelling


Last week, children in the Resource Base enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and doing some fantastic clay sculptures. Working with our specialist Art and Dance teachers, Flora and Deme, learning was based around shape, movement and music and children were encouraged to use dance to influence their sculptures.

Please keep checking back as the Resource Base blog is now back up and running and we will be posting weekly updates of all the fantastic learning and fun that is happening in school.


Tom, Ana and the team


Ana Home Learning w.c. 13.7.20

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

This week is all about “Transition”. I would like you to think about different “changes” you have been through and how those make you feel. There are changes that make us feel happy or excited, and there are other changes that we don’t like and might make us feel sad or angry.

Think about all those feelings. We are going to be learning about how to identify them this week.

Please find home learning and the resources that go with it.

Ana Green Pathway home learning w.c. 13.07.2020



10-20 number formation

all about me booklet

are they sad

Days of the week cut and stick

igh workbook

mini calendar 2020

monster colouring sheets

Months and seasons cut and stick

positives from lockdown

what makes me happy

When I am angry I can…

Please feel free to share any thoughts with us.

Have fun!

Ana x

A virtual visit to the Science Museum


Dear all,

Hope the week is going well so far 🙂

Thinking about “Summer in the city” I thought you may want to enjoy a virtual tour of the incredible London Science Museum.

You just need to follow this link

and then choose the virtual tour. I especially enjoyed the Animation Gallery.

Hope you like it!

Best wishes,

Ana x


Ana-Home Learning w.c. 6.7.20

Hello again everyone!

I hope you are all really well and ready to engage with another lovely week learning about “Summer in London”.

Please find Green Pathway planning here and the resources that go with it.

Have a great week!

See you on Thursday 🙂

Ana x

Ana Green Pathway home learning w.c. 6.07.2020


2d shapes Castle

bus addition and subtraction to 10

curly cuterpillar letters

ee cut and paste

fruit plant growing sequencing

half past bingo

half past time matching cards

Weather forecasting role play pack

write the time oclock cards

second, minute, hour sorting

My weather record worksheet

matching analogue and digital oclock

What’s the weather today?

Dear all,

I hope you are enjoying our new topic “Summer in the city”.

I was just looking through the window thinking… “it has been very rainy recently.. I wonder when we could go out again to play!”

When do you think it will be sunny again?

Have a look at this picture which tell us all about the weather in London for the next few days.

What’s the weather going to be like during the weekend?

What temperature are we going to have each day?

What activities will I be doing if it is raining?

How do people predict the weather?

Have a look at this video

Take care,


Ana x